Hi, I'm Christian Warmuth.

Hi, everyone! My name is Christian Warmuth. Not too long ago, I walked the halls of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, where I acquired my master’s degree in Data Engineering/Data Science.

Currently, I hold the role of an AI Engineer at SAP Signavio's Innovation Office & Strategic Projects Team. Here, I combine my passion for machine learning and software engineering with a profound background in business process management. This synergy enables me to work on and drive innovation in the domain of business process management, particularly its captivating interplay with data.

In the realm of education, I've had the pleasure of creating online courses with my friend and fellow HPI graduate Johnannes Hötter that have reached over 45,000 eager participants. Our latest venture dived deep into the fascinating world of Generative AI. Check it out here.

Welcome to the extended home of the unhyped.io newsletter! While this is of course only the start - I am glad to have you on this journey alongside me. Our goal is to provide unbiased and reflected information about the technological advancements and most recently on AI. You will find all longer articles and deep dives of the unhyped.io newsletter on this site. The goal is to provide news on a weekly to bi-weekly basis with more in-depth articles/analysis and research once a month.

Outside of the digital realm, I'm often lost in the beauty of nature, mostly indulging in sports.

Welcome to unhyped.io! I am happy that you are here!